Asbestos Surveyors In Coventry

At Clearview Environmental, we offer comprehensive asbestos services throughout Coventry and further afield at very cost-effective rates. We have over 25 years of industry experience, which has allowed us to establish ourselves as one of the leading asbestos surveyors within the local area. 

We cater to a broad range of industries, including schools, local government, hotels, sports facilities, shops and domestic clients. So, no matter your sector you can trust us to always ensure compliance with the latest legislation issued by the Health and Safety Executive.

Asbestos Surveys

If you own a building in Coventry, which was built before 2000, there is a high chance that asbestos-containing materials were involved in its construction. It is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your building’s occupants and its compliance with safety legislation.   

When you choose our surveying services, our experts will perform a swift and reliable inspection throughout the entire building including lofts, cellars and storage units, collecting bulk samples and take them to our laboratory to be analysed. 

From management surveys and re-inspections to refurbishment and demolition surveys, we perform thorough asbestos surveys suitable for every requirement. Call us on 0116 288 8256  or fill out our online contact form.

Local Asbestos Testing

We are fully registered and authorised by UKAS to operate as a testing laboratory. After our surveyors have collected any suspicious samples from your property in Coventry, we test them to determine the type of asbestos present and the level of risk it represents.

We also offer an air monitoring service, where we collect air samples at regular intervals, to establish the level of contamination and ensure it is within the acceptable safety limits.

Asbestos Management Services

After we have surveyed your property and tested the samples collected, we will issue an official report that lists, in great detail, the precise location and condition of this hazardous material. Furthermore, our experts will devise a tailored management plan with any relevant recommendations and a guide on how to proceed.

Book A Survey Visit in Coventry

Our highly trained asbestos surveyors are well known throughout Coventry for being reliable and efficient. You can trust that our inspections and management services are carried out with the utmost integrity. Give us a call today on 0116 288 8256  to book an asbestos survey or fill out our contact form to enquire about our services.

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